1790 Frame Available

Hi all,

Sometime within the next year, a 1790 timber framed structure will be demolished in my hometown of Ashburnham, MA.  I’m currently working to try and find interested parties in 1) helping to disassemble the frame and/or 2) taking the frame for reerection or repurposing of materials.  Would love to prevent this frame from finding its way into the landfill, as the client plans.  The 40’ x 40’, 2 story structure was built as a general store and post office before being converted to housing.  Pine frame with hipped roof and early 1800’s gabled wing addition.  The private school that owns the building sees it as a maintenance nuisance and thus plan to tear it down.  Any interested in getting involved, please let me know!  You can reach me (Jon Sargent) at or (978) 660-1905

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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