GUTEX Surplus Stock Still Available

GUTEX Surplus Stock For Sale

Interested parties, please contact Brian Hayes at and read on for details:⁠

Bellwether Craftsmen build incredible wood fiber-wrapped timber frame projects in New England. We preordered GUTEX by the container for cost-savings. Unfortunately, two recent projects did not move forward due to cost escalations, requiring us to sell pallets we are currently storing. The MULTITHERM 80 boards are 3-1/8" thick, dimensions: 42-1/2" x 22-5/16” with R-value of 11.4 . There are 9 pallets / 350 sf per pallet / total net sf coverage 3,150.⁠

The pallets have been well-protected and stored in a storage shed near Bellwether’s shop facility. 100% dry and ready to install, everything is in great condition with some very minor dings, bumps, and scrapes. Buyers will need to secure their own truck, but Bellwether is willing to assist loading a transport. ⁠

Bellwether is looking to sell the material as a single quantity at the bulk price of $13,860 in order to pass along the value. Smaller quantities are an option, but it must be by the pallet (350 sq ft ), price per pallet is $1,640. Bellwether will be happy to load a box trailer and willing to coordinate transport loading logistics in VT as well as work with your shipping company. Payment is FOB to the end of the box container via Bellwether's forklift. Transport costs are to be paid by buyers as well as any required or desired transport insurances. ⁠


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