Hoping to Learn Through Hands On Experience


Please let me know if you know of anyway I might be able to get experience, I would appreciate feedback and some direction if my request below is not feasible.

I have recently become very interested in timber framing and have been buying books and researching on my own as often as I can.  However, I have not been able to actually work on a project.  I am not necessarily looking to be paid, I would just really love to have an opportunity to learn and have hands on experience.  I am currently a project engineer for a commercial contractor working in the pharmaceutical industry, which leaves my main availability to the weekends, or any PTO days I take.  I am not afraid to work. However, I realize many contractors are limited by their insurance.  But I am hoping someone could take me on as an “intern.” I live in Pelham New Hampshire and driving is not really an issue.


Thank you,

Michael Morrissey


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Pelham, NH 03076

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