John C Campbell - Buildings and Grounds Director

Dear Timber Framers:


I had the privilege of working with your organization and an amazing team of your members during the construction of our Blacksmith Shop in 2009. It remains a highlight of my time at the Folk School.


Now I am retiring (as of  September 1) and we are looking for a new Buildings and Grounds Director to step in and carry on with care of this unique facility and to oversee a long list of upcoming building projects. I hope that any of you who have interest will apply! The job description is posted on our website at :


This is basically a facility management job which includes care of about 45 buildings and 300 acres. Building experience is a big plus, and there are other maintenance skills and gardening/landscaping knowledge needed as well. One aspect of the next few years will be the construction of a new Woodworking Shop, Glass Studio, Giant Kaleidoscope, Visitor Center, and others, hopefully including a restoration of the historic Big Barn next to the Blacksmith Shop.Many of these will potentially involve timber framing!


As the job description reads, resumes are to be submitted to our Director Jerry Jackson at . Folks are also welcome to correspond with me at until the end of the month with any questions.


Hope to hear from some of you and again I express my thanks to TFG for your great work here.

Brasstown, NC 28902

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