Looking for experience! Willing to move!

I'm a woodworker with experience in cabinetry, furniture making, educating folks of all ages at all levels of fine woodworking.  I've also worked in fabrication and install of museums on the west coast and east coast, and participated in 5 of the TFG's community building projects.  I work closely with Mitch Ryerson building intricate log playgrounds in the Boston area out of black locust, a readily available, fast-growing invasive tree that is super dense and very rot resistant.  I'm looking to move out of the Boston area and into more full-time timber work, and would relish an opportunity in a somewhat rural area with lots of nature to explore in my free time.

My website is full of past work documentation and freelance custom furniture and shop projects of my own.

Newfane, VT 05345

Elevating the design of timber structures

Douglas fir and much more!

Innovative solid-sawn timber, expert service

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