Office Administrator for Heartwood School and the Timber Framers Guild

Second Position:  Office Administrator for Heartwood School and the Timber Framers Guild

The Timber Framers Guild is an international non-profit organization which promotes and advances the craft of timber framing through research, education, conferences and workshops. The Guild will embark in a new direction next year by also operating the Heartwood School, located in Washington, Massachusetts.  We are looking for someone to help us in an administrative capacity including light bookkeeping.  

This full-time position (40 hours a week) has the potential to offer the successful candidate an opportunity to grow into a program director role.

We have yet to determine exactly where we will locate an office in Western Massachusetts, but we expect to locate somewhere between Lee and Springfield, Massachusetts along or close to the Interstate 90 corridor.

The most important aspect of the position is to communicate professionally and pleasantly with our students, instructors and clients leading up to and during the Summer sessions.  This is true for the Guild support the Office Administrator will provide which will fill out the full-time position particularly when the school is not in session.  Much of the work will be performed on the phone and via email with the Heartwood students and Guild members, but the Heartwood responsibilities will also include participation at Heartwood School at times during the Summer Session.  Students, instructors and at times, clients for the timber frames that we fabricate and fit, will require support from our small staff to orient the students at the start of the classes, to assure the catered meals are excellent and on time, and to assist with other light duties at the School to keep the Summer Sessions running smoothly.  This will require some travel to Heartwood in Washington, Massachusetts, so mobility is a requirement of the position.   

As the first point of contact, the Office Administrator will assist people seeking to register for the classes, assist the potential students in choosing their classes, provide the students the materials they will need for the classes, and inform the students of the requirements for the classes such as personal tools and personal protective equipment.  This Office Administrator will also provide information on local accommodations, restaurants, and other needs of the students, some of whom will be coming from all over North America and beyond.   When in a support role for the Guild, this person will provide information on member benefits, help callers to register for Guild events, and even answer or assist the callers to find answers about specific information on timber framing or timber framing companies.  The successful candidate will possess the presence, listening skills and attention to detail of a confident and effective problem solver.

Additionally, the person will be responsible for managing accounts payable and receivables, banking (deposits, transfers, etc.) and bookkeeping data entry for Heartwood.  (Our Bellingham office in Washington State will handles these duties for the Guild.)  Finally, we will be looking for someone with competent writing and computer skills to assist us in keeping our website and social media accounts fresh, interesting and professional.




This job is for you if you are:

  • A skilled communicator, able to work with students, clients, professionals, timber framers, architects, home buyers and the general public
  • A helpful problem solver--even though we will not be responsible for the room and board for the out of town students, we will assist them in finding these needs locally
  • Motivated to learn and improve processes and skills
  • Interested to learn more about the craft of timber framing, the building arts and our community
  • A team player – often what we do is not exactly in our job description, but we’re helping out
  • An excellent communicator and good writer
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, website editing, and social media
  • Knowledgeable about basic bookkeeping practices

Other skills that incline us to you:

  • Proficient in Quickbooks
  • Prior-knowledge or experience with timber framing
  • Experience working in a non-profit office environment
  • Database management experience

To Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to by 9/25/2019.  The letter should include a your location and a description of your qualifications, experience, availability and interest in this position.


Washington, MA 01223

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