Shaving Horse & Complete set of 24 Wetzler Clamps

Shaving Horse in 6/4" white oak. 6'+ long, approx. 125 lbs. Very
comfortable and built for the rest of the millenium. Large seat for
large people. Just refinished. Have photos. $250.00

Complete set of 24 Wetzler clamps in fine condition: 6 six-feet, 6
three-feet, 6 one-foot, 6 six inches. In 2X10" frame with plywood
sides. Six-footers are on a rack integral to the box. Detachable
handles for box to allow two strong people to carry entire unit. Rack
can be removed and bolted to 16" oc framing with hangers provided.
This is all you and your great-grandchildren will ever need. Have
photos. $1,000.00

Bellingham, WA 98225

Quality, customer satisfaction, longevity.

Nontoxic, biodegradable, sustainable

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