Timber Millwork Shop in Oakland, CA

Hello Timberframers!

I’m reaching out to you as building professionals who could benefit from high quality millwork services for your architectural projects.  My name is Greg Reeb and I have recently begun managing a millwork operation in West Oakland named Joinery Structures.  The mill was created by Paul Discoe, a noted Bay Area designer and builder of Japanese style architecture, and it is equipped with the highest quality Japanese and European machinery to produce perfectly dimensioned timbers for your next timberframe project.  We are set up to mill, kiln dry, and surface timbers up to 20" x 20" in size and over 30' long.  Though the mill is uniquely set up to process large timbers, we are extremely capable and efficient at surfacing and profiling all shapes and sizes of wood—siding, flooring, corbels, etc.  

I'm excited to talk to you about our capabilities.  Please give us a call to discuss any timber milling for your future projects.   

Greg Reeb 


2500 Kirkham St
Oakland, CA 94607

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