Algonquin College

Timber Framing and Green Building Program

Learn how to build with confidence using methods that are unconventional but centuries-old and sustainable. At Algonquin College, students are provided an opportunity to enter the trades with skills common to light and heavy timber framing, as well as an introduction on how to build green enclosures using indigenous building material. Theory and hands-on work fill the agenda which includes gaining distinct and marketable skills that set builders apart from the rest. The course is geared towards students as well as homeowners motivated towards investing in local communities and local markets.

Mission Statement —"The 100 mile builders' diet"

 A rich hands on learning experience that provides students with centuries old building methods that are in tune with nature. Emphasis is placed on traditional timber framing using indigenous materials in support of permaculture. Over the course of three months, students will build a 12 x 16 timber frame using mill rule, square rule, and scribing. Students will also create sections of cordwood masonry and light clay–straw enclosures. 

Why would a student be interested in a program focused on green building?

In shifting to local materials, the builder becomes an active participant in the stewardship of resources.  The program is a mesh of both physically and mentally challenging experiences that provides for personal growth and employability.

12-week intensive course, Jan 21–Apr 7.

Ian Lawford
Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Ave
Ottawa, Ontario



over 24 million board feet of wood rescued.

Quality, customer satisfaction, longevity.

High grade inland timber, est. 1928

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