English Historic Carpentry

English Historic Carpentry
by Cecil Hewett

From the Back Cover

Rarely can a work on ancient methods of building construction have had such a broad spectrum of interest as this magnum opus. Hewett's book is considered the seminal work on historic timber buildings and their construction. The great contribution that Cecil Hewett made to architectural history was his proof that the methods of assembling timber buildings, particularly the joints used, follow a strict historical sequence, as datable as ceramics.

The popularity of timber framed houses in the United States has been rapidly growing over the last ten years. This book will have a special appeal to all those interested in this type of construction because of the extensive joinery illustrations that Hewett has incorporated into the text. This is an in-depth discussion of timber framing and the historical progression of techniques used in the field.

Cecil H. Hewett was the senior officer in the Historic Buildings and Conservation Section with Essex County Council in England. He was a highly skilled woodworker, lecturer and painter.



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