Multi-Gift Subscriptions to TIMBER FRAMING

Give the gift of TIMBER FRAMING!

Gift subscriptions to TIMBER FRAMING, the journal of the Timber Framers Guild, are now available. A booklet of ten gift certificates can be purchased for $325, a savings of $17.50 per subscription off the individual annual subscription cost of $50. A gift subscription is an excellent way to educate clients, friends, and family about timber framing, and it demonstrates your support of the Guild.

With a coupon book, you can give coupons to the special clients and friends at your convenience. Fill out each coupon with your client's address and send it to the Guild office; when we get it, we'll send a postcard that shows the famous Globe Theatre cover of Timber Framing (No. 37, September 1995) on one side and mentions you as the gift giver on the other side. It's a great way to educate your associates about timber framing. International postage is extra.


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