Timber Frame Joinery & Design Workbook

The Timber Frame Joinery and Design Workbook is a collection of 30+ technical articles on the engineering and design of timber frame structures. Many favorite articles from past issues of TIMBER FRAMING (journal of the Timber Framers Guild) and Joiner's Quarterly are combined with hundreds of illustrations to make this workbook the most comprehensive reference published to date on timber frame design and engineering.

Now in its third revision, the workbook is divided into four sections: Editorials, Technical Articles, Examples, and Frame Drawings. It also gives the design values for many species of timber, as well as recent articles from academia on important research.

It is not the intention of the Guild or any author whose work is contained in the collection to "endow" designers with an education. Rather, it offers the reader an appreciation for the complexities involved in the engineering of semi-rigid structures constructed with anisotropic materials. 



keith from Middle Haddam, CT
Over the past several years I have read many books on timber framing, however this book is by far the most detailed and talks the most about how the timber frame is really engineered. Great book to have.

Commercial, Residential, Restoration, and CLT

Nontoxic, biodegradable, sustainable

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