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Company Location
Nitta Yuma Studio
Harrods Creek, KY
NLR Properties, LLC
Timber Framer, SIP Panel Installation, Engineer, Architect/Designer, General Contractor, Timber and Lumber Suppliers, Mechanical Systems/Building Products, Restoration
Middle Grove, NY
service radius: 250 miles
Oakbridge Timber Framing
Timber Framer
Loudonville, OH
Oakleaf Building Specialties, Inc.
Timber Framer, General Contractor
Amery, WI
Pacific Alaska Lumber
Timber and Lumber Suppliers
Lakewood, WA
Pacific Post & Beam
Timber Framer, Architect/Designer, General Contractor, Restoration
Paso Robles, Ca
service radius: 500 miles
Pacific Western Lumber
Timber and Lumber Suppliers
Bend, OR
Patrick Lumber Company
Timber and Lumber Suppliers
Portland, OR
Perth Campus and Heritage Institute- Algonquin College
Timber Framer, Classes & Workshops, Restoration
Perth, ON (Canada)
Pioneer Millworks
Timber and Lumber Suppliers
Farmington, NY
Premier Building Systems, LLC
SIP Manufactures
Puyallup, WA
Redstones LLC
Timber Framer
Pagosa Springs, CO
Revamp Timber Framing
Timber Framer
Demo, SC
Revival Timberworks Rayne, LA
Rocky Mountain Joinery Center
Timber Framer
Lafayette, CO
Sahanpuru Ltd.
Timber Frame Tools, Classes & Workshops
Espoo, FI (Finland)
Sellers Treybal Structural Engineers
Richmond, VT
Settlement Post & Beam
Timber Framer, Engineer, Architect/Designer
Troy, PA
Signature Post and Beam, Inc.
Timber Framer
Muscatine, IA
Silver Fox Timber Frames
Timber Framer, SIP Panel Installation, Restoration
Knoxville, IL
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