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Trillium Dell Timberworks began as Old Blue Construction in 1996. Founder Rick Collins became interested in timber framing after observing the processing and waste of local timber. After reflecting on its prior use, both in local agriculture and the economy, he conceived a way to recapture the loss. Driven by dedication and passion for the craft, Rick has transformed Trillium Dell into one of the largest full service timber frame shops in the Midwest.


Trillium Dell specializes in new timber framed buildings, residential or commercial , historic restoration, fine carpentry (doors, windows, trim, furniture, etc), and architectural timber elements. Most of our frames are built with locally sourced timber, and designed with traditional methods specific to the area. Timbers are sawn, planed, and all joints hand cut and pre-fit in Trillium's shop, and then transported and errected on site. Recently, we have been able to also offer machine cut timbers, integrating traditional and modern systems in an economical and efficient way.

Trillium Dell prides itself in offering quality construction in any area where timbers are used.  Modern engineered structures and traditionally crafted joinery are equally exciting for us and the final results show.  Our Gallery at  shows the diversity of our ability.


161 South Cherry Street, 103
Galesburg, IL 61401
United States

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