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2015 General Conference
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Oct 29–Nov 1

Hallowell, Maine
Sep 18–20

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Carpenters Fellowship
Frame 2015
National Museum of Wales,
St. Fagan's, Cardiff, Wales
Aug 20–23



Red Mill pavilion time lapse!
A fascinating time-lapse video of the Red Mill project has come our way via Quarterline Media, Noreen Logel (Friends of the Red Mill), Will Denton, and Mack Magee.  It provides powerful insight into what goes on during a project—clouds billowing endlessly, the shifting of timbers, the steady increase of people (both workers and observers), and the inevitable growth of the structure.  Thanks, all, and enjoy!
Click image or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CslwJnBqtHY

Idaho conference highlight:
"Raise the Roof" screening

A conference special! When you get to Coeur d'Alene Thursday evening, be sure to attend our screening of "Raise the Roof," a film about the Polish synagogue project that the Guild took part in, along with HandsHouse.
More on the film—

Specifics on September's regional meeting
We've got the details worked out on the northeast TFG regional meeting in Maine, September 18–20.

Red Mill pavilion is raised!

Here's to another successful TFG project!

Live from Red Mill

For some glimpses into the action during the TFG pavilion at Red Mill in Portland, Michigan, see our facebook page.  Blog coming soon.

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TFBC membership levels revamped
Following the re-uniting of the Timber Frame Business Council as a special interest council within the Timber Framers Guild, TFG executive director Jeff Arvin has re-aligned the TFBC's member levels with their new, closer connection with the Timber Framers Guild.   
The new levels include further value-added benefits and three Visionary Partner Program levels.

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