Dedicated to the art and science of timber framing

Enriching Community Through Craft.

The Timber Framers Guild is dedicated to promoting, supporting, honoring, and advancing the craft of timber framing through research, education, and programs.

We serve a broad constituency of historians, engineers, architects, builders, homeowners, and timber frame aficionados. The Timber Framers Guild supports its members and the public through educational events, workshops, and our TFG Community Building Projects.

Many of our members are craftspeople who also build timber frame structures for a living, and we strive to offer opportunities for homeowners and the public to connect with the TFG Companies that create these beautiful buildings. 

Our Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC) works to advance the art and science of timber framing by undertaking systematic research, the writing and discussion of findings, and the codification of timber frame joinery and structural practices.

Because buildings tell us a lot about our history, and the development of society and civilization, our Traditional Timber Frame Research Advisory Group (TTRAG) members are active all around the world, documenting and restoring buildings across Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond. 

And because our members are dedicated to bringing their passion for the art and science of timber framing to communities, the Timber Framers Guild undertakes Community Building Projects, working with non-profit organizations, towns, parks, and others to design and build structures that are assets to communities. Our members like to say "we help communities build community," and take great pleasure in creating structures that are a lasting monument to the shared effort of local volunteers and our Guild. 

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