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2014 Conference
 Southern N.H. Univ., Manchester, N.H.

Aug 7–10

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Penn State
Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa.
Aug 12–14




Manchester benefit auction 

23 Jul 2014  WHIT HOLDER

We look forward to seeing everyone at the TFG conference in Manchester, in a few weeks. I hope you plan to attend.

I am heading up the auction team again this year. Dad [Rick Holder] will once again be auctioneer and Gabel will be a ringman. We may have some surprise guest ringmen from Georgia as well.

Last year we changed the format a bit to keep things fun.

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Sponsors of Manchester conference 

22 Jul 2014

We are delighted to identify the companies who are helping put on our conference in August, in Manchester, N.H. Thanks to all of you!
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Conference updates 
15 Jul 2014

Haven't registered yet?  This conference, in Manchester, N.H., promises to be a stellar opportunity to learn, share, and laugh. Register here.

An updated conference schedule, including the Timber Frame Engineering Council member meeting.

Prepare your timber for the shear testing in Manchester!

Step up and sponsor a conference event.

Examples of your work 

24 Jul 2014  MACK MAGEE

WoodWorks, an initiative of the Wood Products Council, is developing a seminar series to be given dozens of times starting later this year to architects, engineers, and other professionals who might use wood, lumber, timber, and engineered wood products in commercial construction.

WoodWorks holds events seven to ten days long (Wood Solutions Fairs) at which upwards of 1000 architects, engineers, and builders attend seminars on the use of wood in commercial construction.  

I have spoken at several of these events on timber framing, usually to 100 to 140 architects and engineers, and I assure you that the information was enthusiastically received—they love what timber framers do.

WoodWorks has asked us to provide examples of our work for inclusion in this new seminar presentation series. They expect to create over two hours of presentation content in several different formats.

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A "joint" event 

A timber frame, built onsite during Penn State’s Ag Progress Days, Aug. 12–14, will be part of Penn State’s Pasto Agricultural Museum silent auction.

The large-shed-sized building will be constructed using traditional methods and tools by craftspeople in a demo area near the museum.

The team, led by Guild member (and former TFG director and president) Rudy Christian, will include representatives from the TFG, Friends of Ohio Barns, and Preservation Trades Network. Craftsmen will show timber frame work, hand-hewing, split-rail fencing, and hand riven pegs.

Rudy's also looking for some hewers. For more info, reach him.

Travel expenses for participants covered by a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

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Be a star—sponsor part of the conference 

8 Jul 2014
If you're willing, we'd love to have you join the team of sponsors who will help make the August TFG conference in Manchester, N.H., a real winner for everyone there.
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Shear testing in Manchester 
1 Jul 2014
The specs are set for the shear testing session at the August TFG conference in Manchester, N.H. After last year's unexpected launch of a timber, the shear tester has been improved and the FTET engineers are slightly humbled. Want to take part?
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How the kids see it
3 Jun 2014

It's not often that we learn kids' impressions of timber framing in action. Here's a great example of the clarity of very young people who enjoyed a field trip to the Pemberton project.

They're writing about us
29 May 2014

The Whistler Pique included a nice feature on the Pemberton project.  
See the blog post.

Pemberton project complete
28 May 2014

The Pemberton community building project is complete. A very tired but satisfied crew posed for one final picture before heading home.

Project manager Randy Churchill has some final thoughts, and community building projects director Mack Magee chronicles the raising on the project blog.

Pemberton project featured on Shaw TV
28 May 2014

The Pemberton Community Building project was featured on Shaw TV Channel 4 in the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish area. Visit the link below for the short excerpt or watch the entire episode, which was filmed from the project site.

2014 Conference lineup set
We've got quite a full schedule: a record number of candidates submitted good proposals, and we've tried to accommodate them all. The MayJune Scantlings will list the entire schedule, but in addition to the returning activities, a few random surprises and highlights include 
  • the TTRAG tour, kicking off with a visit to Sandown Meetinghouse (1773), widely considered the finest example of its type from Colonial America; 
  • a Timber Frame Engineering Council talk on bowstring trusses by Ben Brungraber; 
  • Marcus Brandt on saltwater timber framing (shipbuilding); 
  • Old World and New World timber framing (David Bahler); 
  • Rudy Christian and Lisa Sasser on saving the African house
  •  a portable sawmill on site; 
  • the Timber Olympics plus lots more demos; 
  • Ken Burns as the plenary speaker.
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What is a Community Building Project? Watch a short, 12 minute video from the Silver Park Pavilions Project.

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