Dedicated to the art and science of timber framing

Learn about the resurgence of a highly sustainable, centuries-old building technique that combines a well-developed wooden structure-building craft, the use of community in building, and information on techniques and opportunities.

A sense of community in our endeavors: such a simple thing is greatly lacking in modern times. While the primary mission of the Timber Framers Guild is not community, through the magic of the frame-raising, community arises every time. Timber framing, an ages-old method of framing a building, incorporates a long history of techniques, and our primary goal is to educate the public about this modular, sustainable, amenable type of building. Also called post and beam, timber framing involves large, usually squared timbers whose connections are carved out to fit together like complex puzzle pieces and then pegged with wooden pegs. An extremely important secondary goal is to re-acquaint us all with the profound connection we experience when many hands come together to work the wood, piece it together, and raise it, cross-section by cross-section, into the skeleton of a building that will likely last for centuries.

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