Community Building

Upcoming Projects


The Gateway Visitors' Center Timber Frame Raising in Schuylerville, New York, is right around the corner!  

There are many opportunities for Guild Members to participate! This project has been unique from the start. In the summer and fall of 2016, the majority of the layout and cuts were made during two community workshops. Due to some unplanned hold ups with the foundation work, the raising was postponed and the frame was temporarily stacked and covered for the long winter. Now that the ground has thawed, it is time to uncover the timbers and raise this frame in true community fashion! At this time, we are accepting volunteers for three different workshop phases.


Workshop Option 1:
This opportunity to participate is to join us for the “Main Frame Pre-Raising Workshop.” This workshop will take place during the week of June 14-18. During this workshop, we will work together to assemble bents, prep the worksite, and learn about safe rigging and raising practices. On Saturday, June 17 (rain date June 18), the Main Frame of the Gateway Visitors Center will FINALLY be erected in a hybrid style (hand and crane) community raising. It is sure to be a great end to a busy week. Meals and housing will be provided at the nearby Christ the King Spiritual Life Center and the Schuylerville community. The Christ the King site provided for a truly amazing community building experience during the September 2016 workshop! Registration for the pre-raisingworkshopis now closed.


Workshop Option 2:
You can also join us just for the day of raising: “Schuylerville Main Frame Raising” is on June 17 (rain date June 18). This is going to be a true community event!  If you would like to join in for the raising only, please email the Guild at to register.  Please note that camping only is available with a limited number of spots. 

Space is limited for all of these workshops, so sign up soon!

If you have any questions about the Community Building Projects in Schuylerville, please contact the TFG Office.

Hope to see you there,

Neil Godden
Gateway Visitor Center
Project Manager

You can also check out our blog from Phase I last summer and fall!



Some History

The Timber Framers Guild has brought forth more than 75 worthwhile structures since 1985. The majority are public or non-profit buildings. Find a list of our great projects HERE

As any non-profit can attest, having a base from which to carry out their mission—a building—is a fundamental, cherished, hard-won goal. The Timber Framers Guild can help you achieve it. But by the time we do, you’ll see that creating that structure builds something else too. It builds community.

Until fairly recently in human history, when a building was needed, all hands came together to raise it. Everyone had a part, just as they might all have a share in its use. Buildings, besides their nominal function, are monuments to the embodied energy of human effort and ingenuity.

For a taste of how large or small a TFG building project can be, view this fascinating mini-documentary from Krista Marie Media, used by permission, about the themes and teams of a project we did in Missoula, Montana.


Below, a snapshot from a recent multi-year project in Poland to reconstruct a synagogue roof there.

Timberframe Commubity Project in Poland