Community Building

Upcoming Projects


Timber Framers Guild Project Manager Neil Godden, in collaboration with the architects of Saratoga Associates, and TFG member Mike Beganyi, have incorporated characteristics of the Dutch barn frames native to the area into the design for the Champlain Canal Region Gateway Visitors' Center in Schuylerville, New York. The Visitors' Center will serve as the starting point for people wishing to visit the historic sites of the upper Hudson Valley.

Phase one: The first floor walkout will be built August 8-12.  Phase two: the timber frame project will be September 5–15. All Guild members are invited to participate in both phases of the project. Register for phase one HERE.  Register for phase two HERE.


Some History

The Timber Framers Guild has brought forth more than 75 worthwhile structures since 1985. The majority are public or non-profit buildings.

As any non-profit can attest, having a base from which to carry out their mission—a building—is a fundamental, cherished, hard-won goal. The Timber Framers Guild can help you achieve it. But by the time we do, you’ll see that creating that structure builds something else too. It builds community.

Until fairly recently in human history, when a building was needed, all hands came together to raise it. Everyone had a part, just as they might all have a share in its use. Buildings, besides their nominal function, are monuments to the embodied energy of human effort and ingenuity.

For a taste of how large or small a TFG building project can be, view this fascinating mini-documentary from Krista Marie Media, used by permission, about the themes and teams of a project we did in Missoula, Montana.


Below, a snapshot from a recent multi-year project in Poland to reconstruct a synagogue roof there.

Timberframe Commubity Project in Poland