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Climate Week 2022 Event: Connecting Wood Construction with Sustainability and Net Zero

See experts from the Timber Framers Guild to learn about the environmental impacts of building with wood, including the carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and how good building design improves the longevity and performance of a structure. 

Here is link to the recording of the program

The program was moderated by Eric S. Howard, Executive Director of the Guild, which represents, supports, and advises the many thousands of people and businesses who use mortise-and-tenon construction techniques to build or restore houses, buildings, churches, barns, pavilions, and other structures used by millions of people today as well as those who will still be using these structures 250 years from now. Dr. Howard has been designing and leading multiparty collaborations within and across the business, academic, environmental, and sustainability communities for 35 years. 

The discussion about the BEAM (Building Emissions Accounting for Materials) estimator tool, which assesses the carbon footprint of a given building design based on the structure, enclosure, and partitions identified for the structure was led by licensed engineer Tim Krahn, of Building Alternatives, Inc, who holds degrees in civil and geotechnical disciplines. His professional focus is on natural building materials, integrated design, and energy and infrastructure sustainability. He’s also a LEED-accredited professional. During the session, Mr. Krahn will focus on big timber, how it continues the carbon sequestration value of trees even as it’s being utilized in the built environment, and how timber use improves energy efficiency. 

The discussion on how design relates to building efficiency was led by Gretchen Snow, an engineer with a dozen years of experience in energy audits. She will also address how the holistic approach to building a timber frame expanded her understanding of construction practices and ways to reduce a firm's carbon footprint. 

Additional commentary during the Q&A portion of the program will come from Guild Members across North America and in Europe. This session at Climate Week is part of the Guild’s efforts to connect with new stakeholders as well as educate the public as well as climate and sustainability experts on the benefits of timber-framing techniques and technologies.

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