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Who can join the Guild?

Membership in the Timber Framers Guild (TFG) is open to any individual or business interested in timber framing. Our members include timber framers, students, engineers, architects, designers, business owners, timber purveyors, tool suppliers, teachers, historians, preservationists, sustainable builders, industry suppliers, owners, and aficionados.

Why join?

Members connect with individuals who are passionate about timber framing, learn more about timber framing, take part in community building projects, educate others, and invest in the work of the Timber Framers Guild. In addition, by joining a Guild Council, you can pursue your specific interests in the community. Our Councils include the Timber Frame Engineering Council, Traditional Timber Framing Advisory Group, and TFG Companies.

What are the member options and benefits?

Individual and Family Members can connect with timber framers around the world, attend conferences, and participate in community building projects. Individual members also receive a subscription to TIMBER FRAMING Journal, Scantlings newsletter, and receive member rates on events and Guild store items.  Read More Here

TFG Companies: Craft, and the craft of business, are deeply intertwined. Our goal is to build a vital timber frame community with a strong market where all can thrive. Well-run companies are the key to a prosperous industry. TFG assists Guild Companies by offering educational opportunities for developing business skills and creating collective public outreach programs designed to increase awareness – we tell the story of timber framing. Every company, no matter your service or size, can join and receive value. The rates are affordable, the value great. Read more here

Visionary Partners (VP): are those companies that make an additional contribution to support the mission and activities of the TFG. Funds received from VP members are used to expand our educational programming, member communications, and additional services to all members. In exchange, Visionary Partners receive recognition as industry leaders, additional exposure in the marketplace, and bundled TFG products and services at a substantial discount over à la carte pricing.  Read more here

What Councils can I join once I am a member?

Timber Frame Engineering Council
The Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC) formed in 2005 in recognition of the considerable number of structural engineers among the Guild membership. The TFEC is dedicated to advancing the technology of timber frame engineering and, to that end, undertakes systematic research, discussion, and codification of timber frame joinery and structural practices.

Traditional Timber Framing Advisory Group
Membership in TTRAG is for those Guild members who actively pursue a better understanding of historic timber-framed structures and techniques. TTRAG members meet annually in a location rich in historic timber structures, present illustrated talks to each other, and follow a historic buildings tour. In addition, the group produces an annual public conference that includes speakers from outside the Guild and tours of local historic buildings.

TFG Companies 
TFG Company membership is focused on the needs of timber frame and related businesses, offering opportunities for professional development, networking, directory listing, and reduced event rates. The Guild believes that professional development, increased visibility and representation of the timber framing industry through our cooperative efforts, access to our business document library, and opportunities for continuing education credit are the best ways to support and grow our sector of the building industry. 

How do I sign up?

Just click the BEGIN APPLICATION.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the office at or 833-862-7376. 

If you are already a member of the Guild but would like to join any of the Councils, please contact the Guild office directly.

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Membership Dues

Family members are for individuals living in the same household.

Individual Individual Digital Family Family Digital
USA & Canada $140/year $115/year $180/year $150/year
International $166/year $115/year $228/year $150/year

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