Visionary Partnership Program Benefits

Our Craft. Our Commitment. Our Future.

Members of the Timber Framers Guild are craftsmen. Pioneers. Historians. Laborers. Artists.

And some - a few - are Visionaries.

Visionaries see the future, while looking to the past and living in the present. Visionaries see the possibility in the world around them and in the community in which they live. 

Our Visionary Partners (VPs) support the future of timber framing by supporting the Timber Framers Guild at the highest level. 


Why Become a Visionary Partner?

Not only do you provide the kind of extraordinary support that expands our reach and lifts our entire community of builders, thinkers, artists, and craftsmen, but you also reap some great benefits. Visionary Partners receive: 

  • Visionary Partner profile page - control the written content on your profile and upload photos of your work. 
  • Complimentary individual and digital memberships.
  • Complimentary registration(s) for our annual national conference.
  • Member registration rates at Guild events for all members of your company. 
  • Complimentary advertising in our publications
  • Opportunity to participate in our Peer-to-Peer networking groups.
  • And More!

Learn more about all our Visionary Partner benefits HERE

How Do I Become a Visionary Partner?

There are three levels for you to consider. 

 Visionary Partner, Level 1 ($5,000/year)

 Visionary Partner, Level 2 ($10,000/year)

 Visionary Partner, Level 3 ($15,000/year)

We encourage all prospective partners and sponsors to contact Executive Director Jackson DuBois to discuss your options. He can be reached at 833-862-7376 (833-TMBR-FRM) or


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Thanks to our visionary partners

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