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Here are some tips for seeking out Timber Framers Guild (TFG) professionals to build your house:

  • TFG companies are diverse in the services they offer. Some specialize solely in timber framing. Others offer the full menu—from the first napkin sketches to the last finish nail. Think about what services you need and how your desires match up with the companies you consider.
  • Timber Framers are geographically dispersed. Don’t be surprised if there’s not a TFG company in your back yard, but don’t worry either! Timber frames are portable, and many companies are accustomed to travelling long distances to deliver their work.
  • Be sure to check out the photo galleries on our site to see the variety of work TFG companies produce. Also browse through our company member profile pages.

We offer you two ways to search for the professionals you seek:

  • If you submit the inquiry form below, we’ll send it on to the companies that match the services and geographic range you request. The companies will then contact you.
  • Alternately you can search for yourself through our member companies’ profile pages. Hint: if you use the search feature on our TFG Companies page, you will receive results in ascending distance from your chosen search location. You can select the companies you wish to contact and send them a message.


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