Institutional Memberships

The Guild is expanding its support of companies and other institutions with a broadened focus that includes:


A wide array of professional training opportunities for all members developed with an eye to accessibility and affordability. 


A regular on-going publicity campaign about Guild events and that includes both traditional and social media, and active outreach to architects, engineers, educators, general contractors, and building owners - the end-users who make buying decisions.


We provide companies and other institutions with a platform for in-person and distance networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders. We also facilitate collaborative research programs and through our quarterly journal provide a venue for disseminating outcomes. 


Our services help the public and clients you serve understand the benefit of timber-framed strucures. We help others recognize the quality and integrity of such buildings; and to the craft, technology, and business of timber frame construction.


Your Membership Benefits Include:

  • LISTING ON FIND A TFG COMPANY: This sophisticated search tool on combined with your profile page directs customers to your website, improves your SEO, and puts leads in your inbox. 
  • BUSINESS DOCUMENT LIBRARY ACCESS: In recent years, TFG Companies have worked together to build a collection of basic business documents: contracts, safety plans, personnel manuals, etc.
  • MEMBER DISCOUNTS FOR YOUR TEAM:  Register your staff or students for conferences, workshops, business bootcamps, webinars, tours and other programs at TFG member rates. 
  • 1 FREE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP to the Timber Framers Guild (includes receiving print copies of publications) and 3 FREE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS (DIGITAL) (includes emails and online access to publications).
  • PARTICIPATION IN PEER-TO-PEER GROUPS: Join a Peer-to-Peer group to connect with timber framing professionals, share ideas and insights, and problem-solve with collaboration and support from your peers in the industry.
  • ENGAGE LOCAL ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS: TFG authors material sanctioned by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). After a brief training, your company will be eligible to present this TFG-endorsed,  CEU-eligible material to architects in your area.
  • STEERING COMMITTEE ELIGIBILITY: You can serve and help shape the future of our community.

When you enroll as an Institutional Member, you are affiliating with the Guild’s 30-year history and exciting present. Not only does your membership support the Guild’s expanding mission, but it yields credibility, opportunity, and connection for your business.

Colleges or Universities, Schools for Architecture or Engineering, and academic research programs should register as enterprises in the $1.5M+ category. Small non-profits should register based on the size of their budget.


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"The Guild Branding workshop was brilliant, and what the TFG should be doing. It will change how our company operates for the rest of my life. It's a big deal, and was one of the best things I have ever gotten from my Guild involvement in the last 20 years. Way to go in creating and supporting that, let's bring on more..." - Bo Foard, TFG Company Member

"Thank you for getting me excited about my company once again" - MS, TFG Company Member

Are You Still Undecided?

TFG also assists its members by offering educational opportunities for developing business skills and creating collective public outreach programs designed to increase awareness – we tell the story of timber framing.

Every company or instititution, no matter your service or size, can join and receive value .



Here are some big-picture benefits you will receive:

  • Active outreach to architects, engineers, general contractors and building owners, the specifiers, and end-users who make buying decisions;
  • Creating an educated and informed general public;
  • Developing web content that will bring prospective buyers to;
  • A regular and on-going publicity campaign about Guild events and Guild companies;
  • A further strengthened and professionally solid Community Building Program;
  • Providing valuable SEO data to member companies;
  • Additional education in business basics;
  • Enhanced TFG publications;
  • A wider array of professional training opportunities for hands-on timber framers developed with an eye to accessibility and affordability.

One thing is clear—your membership and participation provides the resources for the Guild to carry out this mission.



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New opportunities for the industry


The timber framing industry to buyers and decision makers


The visibility of timber framing


The interest of Timber Framing companies and their suppliers.

Thanks to our visionary partners

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