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The Timber Framers Guild is a friendly professional group of roughly a thousand timber framers, engineers, designers, wood and tool suppliers, students, educators, aficionados, and others involved in timber framing. Some have come to the Guild through their exploration of best practices in building. Others, especially in Europe and the East Coast, have grown up around old timber frames—barns, old houses, and other structures built prior to 1850. Still others are interested in sustainable building, for which a timber frame provides an optimal base.

Many own or work for small businesses. The culture in the Guild is one of participation—quite a high proportion of Guild members volunteer at community building workshops, teach or lead those projects, attend Guild workshops, write for our publications, or come to our gatherings. These gatherings include the several regional meetings Guild members host each year around North America, the annual conference, the Traditional Timberframe Research and Advisory Group (TTRAG) conference, and the occasional timber framing tour.

The age range of our group is probably wider than 18 to 80. About half the group are practicing professional timber framers. Members can join our special interest groups: TTRAG, the Timber Frame Engineering Council, or TFG Companies. We also have several Visionary Partners, an extension of TFG Companies who provide significant support to the Guild.

Finally, we nurture alliances with other like-minded groups. These include the Carpenters Fellowship (UK), the International Log Builders Association, Preservation Trades Network, National Barn Alliance, and other groups.

To learn more about the Guild, continue exploring our website or reach out to us for more information at info@tfguild.org or 833-862-7376.


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