Guild Leadership

Executive Director

Jeff ArvinJeff Arvin
As executive director, I look forward to the journey ahead of us. We have the tools, skills, and experience to create works of even greater relevance and to better serve our families and communities. Our very exciting task is to find ways to implement our ideals. read more »


Mack MageeMack Magee (2016–2018)
I was raised in Chicago and attended Illinois Institute of Technology and Stanford University during my 12-year journey toward a master’s degree in civil engineering. On the way, I completed an apprenticeship in carpentry and practiced in Oregon, Virginia, Washington,... read more »

Stephen MorrisonStephen Morrison (2017–2019)
I started woodworking straight out of high school, building furniture in a shop in Atlanta and working in a cabinet shop in Montana. Coming back to the Southeast to work as a raft guide, I stumbled into timber framing quite... read more »

Michael CubaMichael Cuba (2016–2018)
Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Michael moved to Vermont in the mid-90’s where, as a student at Goddard College, he first began to hone his woodworking skills. His career in restoration timber framing began while working at the Institute for... read more »

Steve LawrenceSteve Lawrence (2017–2019)
I have had a varied career. Starting with an apprenticeship in metal working as a fabricator and machinist, I moved into logging and arborist work before starting my timber framing career with Carpenter Oak & Woodland in 1990. I am co-owner... read more »

Jonathan OrpinJonathan Orpin (2015–2017)
Past President
I am founder and president of two companies: New Energy Works Timberframers, founded in the mid-'80s, and  Pioneer Millworks, founded in 1990. Combined, they have 120 co-workers in shops in western New York and the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Both companies use... read more »

Directors at Large

Brenda BakerBrenda Baker (2016–2018)
When Frank and I first started Riverbend Timber Framing in 1979, there wasn’t a Timber Framers Guild. We just loved timber framing. Frank’s grandfather built an incredible timber frame home in the late 1940s so that was clearly the only... read more »

Rick CollinsRick Collins (2015–2017)
I have been involved in the construction industry for nearly 20 years, beginning as an enlisted Marine combat engineer. Over the last decade, I have grown Trillium Dell Timberworks through various iterations, and I am now currently co-owner of a... read more »

Ellen GibsonEllen Gibson (2015–2017)
In 1998, I managed the woodshop at the Massachusetts College of Art. Two faculty members returned from a timber framing workshop at Heartwood School with a new passion, and I was introduced to the Guild, participating in conferences and projects.... read more »

Bill KeirBill Keir (2015–2017)
I discovered timber framing and converted to carpentry during two years in the Hamptons, then won a fellowship to spend three months in 1990 working with New England–based timber framers. It was an epiphany. This is when I first joined... read more »

Eric MorleyEric Morley (2017-2018)
Eric Morley was quite literally born into construction. 54 years ago, the Liberian Mining Company (located in Bomi Hills, Liberia, in western Africa) wished to purchase a new Caterpillar D-8 tractor. There was a trade-in involved, and as is often... read more »

Autumn PetersonAutumn Peterson (2017-19)
It is such an honor for me to serve on the board and to help the Guild thrive and expand in a positive and productive way. My experience with the Guild began in 2006, when the company I worked for,... read more »

Andrea WarchaizerAndrea Warchaizer (2017–19)
In the spring of 1990, as a flat broke and professionally unmoored recent graduate of architecture school, I made the morally dubious decision to sneak into a few sessions at the Timber Framers Guild conference in Troy, NY. I was enthralled... read more »


Megan Starr
Program Director
Bellingham, Washington

Allison Aurand
Communications Director
Bellingham, Washington

Brice Cochran
Director of Member Services
Mountain Rest, SC

Cassandra Davies
Coordinator of Finance & Professional Development
Bellingham, Washington

Ken Rower
Newbury, Vermont

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