Guild Leadership


Chris KoehnChris Koehn (2024-2026)
I joined the Timber Framers Guild in the late 1980s, just in time to participate in the Habitat for Humanity project in Pennsylvania. In the early ‘80s while studying in England and working in Germany, I came to deeply admire... read more »

Jim DeSantisJim DeSantis (2022-2024)
Interim Vice President
The Timber Framers Guild has been an essential part of my life since I joined in 1997. Since then I have counted on the Guild for inspiration, camaraderie, and education. I have volunteered and instructed on Guild projects, attended every... read more »

Rene AllenRene Allen (2022-2024)
I have been in construction for over two decades, working with my family business in Colorado and Oregon, and an active member of the Guild for more than a decade, attending as many Guild events as possible.  I bring to the... read more »

Michael CubaMichael Cuba (2023–2025)
Michael's career in restoration timber framing began while working at the Institute for Social Ecology with Seth Kelley. After a few years in the field, they founded Knobb Hill Joinery, focusing on preservation and restoration timber framing while occasionally designing... read more »

Directors at Large

Sandy BennettSandy Bennett (2019-2024)
My first introduction to timber frames was when I was a teenager whose summer  jobs included putting up hay and straw (there is a difference) in the lofts of some massive local barns.  I didn't really appreciate the work these... read more »

Peter DicksonPeter Dickson (2024-2026)
I was first introduced to the extraordinary community that is the Guild back in April 1999.  The previous year I happened upon a radio wave drying technology that appeared to be well suited to drying Douglas fir timbers.  My market... read more »

Julie HildebrandJulie Hildebrand (2023-2025)
Julie Hildebrand grew up learning carpentry from her dad, working with him in the renovation world: from filling dumpsters to filling nail holes, and everything in between. Seeking cleaner work in the great outdoors, she registered in the Heritage Carpentry... read more »

Brad MorseBrad Morse (2024-2026)
I’m from the Berkshire region of western Massachusetts.  I grew up in the world of construction—my father was an architect and a contractor, my mother a realtor, and I was surrounded by workers and tools, and houses needing work. I... read more »

Grigg MullenGrigg Mullen (2023-2025)
While not a timber framer, Grigg has been in, around, and involved with the Guild for most of his life: he attended his first conference in 1996 and has missed very few since. As a machinist, he works with his... read more »

Autumn PetersonAutumn Peterson (2014-2026)
It is such an honor for me to serve on the board and to help the Guild thrive and expand in a positive and productive way. Our Guild community has meant so much to me for more than two decades. The incredible... read more »

Bill SturmBill Sturm (2024-2026)
My father introduced me to the possibilities of wood and construction as a kid. You could often find me at a homebuilding site as school let out raiding the waste piles for materials to haul off into the woods to... read more »


Jackson DuBoisJackson DuBois
Executive Director
I live in Central New York, building and designing custom timber frames and working on old houses in the area. But I began my timber framing career on a handshake in the driveway of a project that was wrapping in... read more »

Allison AurandAllison Aurand
Communications Director
Allison has worked with the Guild since 2016, producing the member magazine, Scantlings, and providing support for events, community building projects, and workshops, along with member support and services. Prior to coming to the Guild, she worked as a self-employed... read more »

Gretchen SnowGretchen Snow
Business Manager
Gretchen has been a lifelong resident of Cheshire County, New Hampshire. She has pursued many interests over the years, from building energy assessments to organic gardening, both personally and professionally. Gretchen has many years of experience in the building industry,... read more »

Steve LawrenceSteve Lawrence
Community Building Projects Director
I have had a varied career. Starting with an apprenticeship in metal working as a fabricator and machinist, I moved into logging and arborist work before starting my timber framing career with Carpenter Oak & Woodland in 1990. In 2005, I moved... read more »

Valkyrie Liles
Social Media Coordinator
Ashland, Oregon read more »

Michael Cuba
Haycock, Pennsylvania

Adam Miller
Newbury, Vermont

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