Julie Hildebrand

Directors at Large


Julie Hildebrand

Julie Hildebrand grew up learning carpentry from her dad, working with him in the renovation world: from filling dumpsters to filling nail holes, and everything in between. Seeking cleaner work in the great outdoors, she registered in the Heritage Carpentry and Joinery program in Perth, Ontario. From the day she laid out her first post, she was hooked. After graduating, she sought out the Guild to find her fellow timber nerds. Find them she did! She loves the camaraderie that occurs at Community Building Projects and sees working together on large-scale, ambitious projects as a perfect way to get to know people. 

Lately, Julie has been involved with a First Nations community in the Yukon, instructing a cabin-building workshop that builds skills in the community while also providing housing for people in the Nation. She enjoys traveling to special places like these with her work and connecting with people through building. She's hoping to continue to find and create workshops that spread the love of building and timber to people who might not otherwise discover it. When she's not working with wood, she enjoys white-water canoe trips, playing softball with her friends, and learning clawhammer tunes on her banjo.

The Guild is a special community that touches so many people. Julie is honored to serve on the board and put her energy and heart into this extraordinary organization. 

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