Autumn Peterson



Vice President

Autumn Peterson

It is such an honor for me to serve on the board and to help the Guild thrive and expand in a positive and productive way. My experience with the Guild began in 2006, when the company I worked for, Goshen Timber Frames, sent their entire shop to the Guild conference. I was a new timber framer and designer, recently completing my timber framing apprenticeship, having only worked for the company less than a year before I joined the Guild. In 2007, I started serving the timber frame community by shifting my skills from timber framing to making oil-based wood finishes and have been both a TFG Company member and a Timber Frame Business Council member for 9 years. My company, Heritage Natural Finishes, LLC, has also been a Visionary Partner with the Guild for the last few years.

There are three main areas I am most excited about promoting within the Guild: (1) timber frame and related skill-building education; (2) networking with other building and trade organizations; and (3) community outreach as we get more timber framing projects in front of the public and inspire a new generation of framers. I am also very interested in working on the community building projects and hands-on workshops that help get this amazing craft and body of knowledge out to our communities which hopefully will inspire new craftsmen and grow our trade.

Phone: 503-929-2724

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