Autumn Peterson

Directors at Large


Autumn Peterson

It is such an honor for me to serve on the board and to help the Guild thrive and expand in a positive and productive way. Our Guild community has meant so much to me for more than two decades. The incredible sharing of knowledge, open-hearted collaboration, epic projects, events, and learning opportunities has been deeply enriching for me and has kept me hooked into this unique tribe. I served on the board of directors for the Guild for six years and still feel I have something to offer. I’ve served as both Vice President and Clerk for four years of those two terms.

For my day job, I’ve been serving our community making Heritage Natural Finishes products for timber frames and other woodwork. I’ve also recently taken over the Summer Beam Bookstore from our dear Charlotte Cooper to help keep our beloved bookstore coming to our gatherings. I want to continue to help foster Guild gatherings, create more workshop and training opportunities, help with event and conference planning, and find more projects for the Guild.

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