Build a Classic Timber Framed House

Build a Classic Timber-Framed House
by Jack A. Sobon

1994, paperback, 208 pages.

From the Back Cover

With the step-by-step instructions in this book, you can build your own classic timber-framed house—one that's enduring and features a level of craftsmanship rare in modern construction. Following the traditional "hall-and-parlor" home design, architect and builder Jack Sobon carefully and clearly explains
  • finding the ideal building site
  • creating the master plan
  • selecting the best tree species
  • hewing and milling timbers
  • assembling the frame
  • installing wall sheathing, windows, and doors
  • designing and finishing the interior
  • expanding on the plan
One of the best-known and most distinctive figures in the timber-framing revival, Jack Sobon knows how to make home building affordable with economical hand tools by taking control of the processing of building materials and using local inexpensive supplies. The basic house design of this book is easily adapted to meet different needs. Sobon's practical advice incorporates the latest knowledge on building a healthful house, integrating natural systems, and finding effective home heating solutions.


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