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When you join TFG Companies:

Craft, and the craft of business are deeply intertwined in the Timber Framers Guild. Our goal is to build a vital timber frame community with a strong market where all can thrive. Well-run companies are the key to a prosperous industry. For the first time in over two decades, the Guild offers company memberships.

TFG assists Guild Companies by offering educational opportunities for developing business skills and creating collective public outreach programs designed to increase awareness – we tell the story of timber framing. Joining TFG Companies is also an avenue for input and participation in the direction and activities of the Timber Framers Guild. 

Every company, no matter your service or size, can join and receive value from becoming a TFG Company.

With the backing of Company Members, the Guild will expand its support of companies with a broadened focus that includes:

  • Active outreach to architects, engineers, general contractors and building owners, the specifiers, and end-users who make buying decisions;
  • Creating an educated and informed general public;
  • Developing web content that will bring prospective buyers to;
  • A regular and on-going publicity campaign about Guild events and Guild companies;
  • A further strengthened and professionally solid Community Building Program;
  • Providing valuable SEO data to member companies;
  • Additional education in business basics;
  • Enhanced TFG publications;
  • A wider array of professional training opportunities for hands-on timber framers developed with an eye to accessibility and affordability.

One thing is clear—your membership and participation provides the resources for the Guild to carry out this mission.

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