For Sale

plumbette's/plumb bob's

 Plumbette's/Plumb bobs for sale. Made to order. The plumbette and holder have relief carvings. They're cast out of pewter. Small one weighs 6 oz. Bigger... read more »
Plainfield, VT

Milled lumber for sale

Milled lumber for sale: 19k board feet, ranging from 6X12X20's to 8X12X18s. Huge variety of sizes. Not yet graded. Make offer,... read more »
Roy, WA

Timbers for Sale

For Sale Port Orford Cedar Timbers to sell 6x12 (1@16ft) (2@12ft) (2@13ft)  $3 p board ft  718board feet 10 x10 (1@14ft) 8x8... read more »
Albany, NY

Timber Frame Company for Sale (Oregon)

Ever thought about moving to the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, with its world-class vineyards, theaters, and... read more »
Talent, OR

Chain Mortiser Bar & Chain for Sale

Used 2" bar and chain for sale for a Mafell LS103 chain mortiser. $400 plus shipping (would be... read more »
Mountain Rest, SC

Timber Frame Layout Squares

Imagine a layout square that increases accuracy, decreases time and makes the process more enjoyable. read more »
Mountain Rest, SC