Call for Instructors for the ClearWater Farm Lead Team

Rob Geoghegan-Morphet, a native of London, Ontario, has agreed to be the project manager.  Steve Lawrence of Vancouver Island has agreed to be the assistant project manager.  Jason Gibson, of Gibson Timber Frames in Perth, ON, a 20 year-old company, a veteran of 17 years of teaching timber frame workshops as part of his business model, and the person who suggested that this be built as a Guild project, also is a member of the core team.  

Right now we are seeking three additional leadership team members. Nominations will be open until July 5th ​​​​​​.

Instructor qualifications should be sent to Rob at and me, Mack Magee at  We’ll copy the core team and the Community Building Committee which will weigh in on instructor selection.  Together we’ll select the three additional lead team members.  

To be considered, we have some generally applied qualifications which include successful participation in previous Guild projects, successful experience as an instructor or novice instructor on previous projects, excellent timber framing skills in fabrication and raising timber frames, excellent people skills, a real commitment to sharing your knowledge and experience, ability to work under stress, an understanding and appreciation of Guild values which include openness and diversity, and a high energy level.  Project management experience in your company is helpful but not required.

The selection process has a bias for local or regional instructors—the projects are intended to demonstrate the regional strengths of the timber framing community, but as the selection of Steve demonstrates, we will make the choices that best set the project up for success.

So, please send us your resumè or statements of qualifications to us by close of business on July 5th.  (Organization skills, including meeting deadlines is an important qualification!)  We don’t require a resumè though resumès are easier to evaluate.  Given our need to move quickly, please get back to us as in a manner that is quickest and easiest for you. 

-    Mack Magee

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