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Adirondack Timber Craftsmen is a personal company that specialises in preservation, restoration and new construction. We enjoy digging into 200 year old barns and creating new timber framed structures. Working within our local economy of the greater Adirondack region is as important to us as is good percise work. Roughly adapting Wendel Berry's ethose of: go out into the world to become a person, then returrn to be that person, our founder- Jack- operates the company out of his home town of Elizabethtown NY. Adirondack Timber Craftsmen is comprised of Artists and workers, of craftsmen. Measure cut fit, scribe if neccesary. 


Our services include: restoration, preservation, and new construction. With our friends and mentors Curtis and Janet, we can provide design, modeling, and engeneering work.


8172 US RT 9N
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
United States




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