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Big Woods Timber Frames, LLC is a small framing company located in Apalachin, NY. Our goal as a company is to preserve the history, effort, and time put into each timber. We promise to put the same passion into your project, so these structures can continue to stand the tests of time.


Timber Frame Restoration: Big Woods Timber Frames, LLC specialize in the preservation of Timber Frames. We have extensive experience in post and beam repairs, foundation reconstruction, structural correction, dismantling and relocation, along with much more to maintain the integrity of the frame.  

Timber Frame Design and Construction: Big Woods Timber Frames, LLC can help design and create beautiful Timber Frame structures custom for each client. Our handcrafted pavilions, pergolas, and trusses add an elegant appeal to any space. 


9 Van Riper Rd
Apalachin, NY 13732
United States

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