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Confluence Fabrication Co. provides a nuanced approach to heavy timber construction. With a sharp focus on hand work and centuries-old connection methods; we work diligently to maintain the relevance of timber in the modern life and home. It is the warmth and tone married to its inherent, quiet strength that continues to permit this presence and that forever draws us to it as craftsmen.

Furthermore, we believe that the interaction of wood and steel should not end with the tool cutting joinery. A vital confluence we endeavor to explore is the union of the materials, timber and steel, for practical and aesthetic function.


Renovation of Existing Buildings with New Integration of Timber Elements

           The visual or functional augmentation of these spaces using timber with steel components dovetails excellently into their industrial past. In this case, forms such as stairs, handrails, doorway and window headers, entryways, foot bridges, and built-in furniture are common.

New Construction of Timber Structures

         Often, it is necessary to begin anew when envisioning the clearest outcome to a building endeavor. Here, where only the mind limits, we find the scale to often become the largest, taking the form of all manner of dwellings, out buildings, pavilions, barns, workshops, studios and perhaps even a tea house.

Preservation of Historic Timber Frame Structures

         Reverence for the craft, material, and narrative are integral throughout this process. While often requiring significant time and patience, the result becomes as timeless as it is priceless. We are sincere advocates for the perpetuity of historic examples of this building method, which function as eternal storytellers and teachers of the craft.


Full/ Hybrid Frames

Timber use in the most traditional sense and in tandem with conventional
framing for homes, barns, cabins, workshops, garages and other enclosed residential structures.

Open Structures

Timber appreciated from all angles for non-enclosed shelters in the form of
pergolas, pavilions, entryways, outdoor kitchens, porticos, and porches.

Elements and Installations

Timber integrated with the purpose of enriching spaces exterior and
interior built in the form of trusses, exposed headers and posts, stairs, handrails, and
indestructible furniture.


3375 Industrial Blvd, Unit D
Bethel Park, PA 15102
United States




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