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At F3 Timber Technologies we create and assist with design of connections and tools for mass timber systems, both permanent and temporary. We strive for simplicity, practicality and elegance in design, manufacturing and installation. Achieving this will ensure cost effective solutions that are both simple to install and aesthetically pleasing.

We also distribute high quality fasteners, connectors, and rigging from our Austrian partners at Schmid Schrauben, Sherpa Connection Systems, and Pewag Group.

We are located in the pacific northwest in Abbotsford, BC and offer our products and services across North America. For information and pricing please contact us at OR 604.330.0993



F3 Timber Technologies provides solutions for rigging, temporary bracing, tools, fasteners and specialty connections.

For rigging we have developed our own lifting plate system that is both heavy duty and promotes fast cycle times. We can also supply you with the T-lift system from Schmid Schrauben or many of the lifting chains, balancers and spreader bars available from Pewag Group.

For temporarty bracing we have developed the versatile CRUX bracket system. The CRUX brackets are mounted to the columns and used as lifting points as well as connection points for timber or cable braces. This system has been used to solve complex challenges by creating a temporary floor diaphragm or temporary X-braces that keep the deck clear for reinforced concrete work. Still in developoment is our wood turnbuckle which will compliment this system later in 2023.

Our short list of tools offered starts with the timber doggs (panel pullers) in two sizes, the big dogg with 13,500lb capacity and the small dogg with 3,300lb capacity. Also on the list is the Rapid secure from Schmid Schrauben, a device for better securing the driver bit to the timber screws during installtion.

All fasteners we supply are manufactured by Schmid Schrauben and have many patented features that make them some of the easiest and fastest screws to install.

Our current focus for innovation of specialty connections is on glued in rods. We have developed the GRI (glued rod imbed) that improves the speed, accuracy and quality of glued in rod connections. We also supply connectors and products from sherpa that include their concealed connectors, quick connect column bases and acoustic treatments. 

As for services we offer our expertise to perform constructabilty review of connections, sequencing and logistics as well as the ability to take on the planning and creation of engineered erection plans.



33771 George Ferguson Way, #278
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2M5

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