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Incorporated in 1976, Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont began at the forefront of the Timber Frame Revival. Originally in a small shop in Hinesburg, VT we moved to our present location in beautiful Starksboro, VT in 1984. Having the indoor shop as well as outdoor sheds allows us to work year round. Being surrounded by rolling hills, fields and mountains allows us to be creative and inspired daily at our shop. Please visit us so we can meet you and help you get started on your project.


The standard structural insulated panel (SIP) – as its name suggests – is our most popular panel configuration. Our SIPs are composed of an EPS or NEOPOR foam core sandwiched between two OSB facings and bonded with urethane adhesive. These panels are used as load bearing walls and as roof insulation and sheathing. Our SIPs can be used to completely enclose a home or building and can partition individual rooms if desired. When used as a wall and roof shell package for your timber frame, you get a continuous blanket of insulation completely around the structure, making for an air-tight and super energy efficient building with minimal thermal bridging.

We make extremely versatile SIPs that can be precut in our shop to fit most any design. In fact, sheetrock, wood boards, siding, and other construction materials can be applied directly to the facings with appropriate underlayments to result in a fast, efficient, and superior finished wall. The SIPs also support all of the window and door units for the structure without the need for large headers and extra stick framing, making for a highly energy-efficient assembly. Please visit our sister site, for more information.


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