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GFD Woodworking is a small and growing timber framing shop that collaborates with other local timber framers. We design, fabricate and erect timber frames of all sizes, from the outhouse to the residence. We produce plan sets for build your own projects

Gerald David apprenticed as a timber framer in his native Germany. Following the appreticeship he traveled Germany, Europe and North America during the traditional three year Journey, called Wanderschaft. Building on connections made during the Journey he moved to Plymouth, Massachussetts in 2006 and joined a group of dedicated preservation timber framers. For five years he worked restoring early American timber frames, from simple Cape Cod houses to structures on the registry of historic places. He joined the Timber Framers Guild, participated in community building projects and also taught at several.

Three years working for a full-scribe log house company in Newbury VT expanded Geralds knowledge to include scribed joinery, often blending traditional wood to wood joinery with scribed rount to round log connections.

In 2014 Gerald moved to Duluth with his Minnesotan wife and shifted his focus towards designing and building new timber frames and teaching at North House Folk School. 



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1218 E 5th St
Duluth, MN 55805-2340
United States

Service radius: 100 miles of Duluth, MN.



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