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Company History

Stable Hollow Construction was founded in 2004 by three brothers, Leroy Stoltzfus, Steve Stoltzfus, and Henry Stoltzfus. During their growing up years in Lititz, PA, the brothers continually experimented with new woodworking business ventures, including rabbit pens, bridges, dog houses, forts, and a treehouse. The Stoltzfus farm always seemed to be selling something — wooden creations, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons…

As they grew older, their dad took the brothers along to Amish barn raisings, giving them the experience to begin building barns for other people. Fueled by their core values of clear communication, professional attitudes, respect for clients’ properties, quality workmanship, and schedule flexibility, the new business grew to become the full-service general contractor that it is today. More and more people have trusted Stable Hollow Construction to build, preserve, or renovate their personal properties.

In 2010, presented with an opportunity to purchase an established professional roofing company, the brothers realized the value of having their own professional roofing crews to assist in specialty roofing projects. They decided to purchase MR Roofing, a specialist in standing seam copper, standing seam steel, wooden shingle, and asphalt shingle roofing.

In 2017, Stable Hollow broke ground on an especially personal and exciting project — the restoration and expansion of their own business location. 

Stable Hollow Construction Today

Currently owned and led by brothers Leroy and Henry, we operate multiple trained work crews consisting of carpenters, masons, and roofers. In addition, we have our own design team to design your project and help you acquire stormwater and building permits. Our diversified team gives us the flexibility to handle any project, be it a one-day or an eight-month project. “We love to build, preserve, and renovate these timeless landmarks of American history.”

Our team is passionate about our purpose to “Express the Gospel through the workplace by living out Biblical values and sharing abundantly the resources we have been so blessed to be stewards of." We are also energized by our mission to “Build the Future and Preserve the Past,” and we will accomplish this mission by empowering others to honor God's Kingdom through teamwork. Together, we will preserve historical structures and landmarks.

Guided by our core values — integrity, relationships, communication, consistency, and appearance — we try to make your project a pleasant experience. Your decision to allow a team of strangers onto your property for a few weeks is a big one. When a project is completed, we love to hear our clients say things like, “I would have them back if I had another project,” or “I hate to see them leave,” or “I will miss these guys. They always have a smile.”

In order for that to be your experience, we maintain clean, well-organized job sites. Our crews are respectful and hardworking. Equipment is well-kept. We strive to make your project enjoyable from beginning to the end.

What Sets Us Apart

To preserve the past is not to repeat history but to articulate and build the future upon it.

While we continue to build new barns, we have become attached to the historic structures — barns, covered bridges, summer houses, grist mills — so prevalent in our part of the country. These landmarks need to be preserved. Focusing especially on bank barns needing a new purpose, we hope to inspire people to preserve and renovate them for the next generation.

Stable Hollow Construction — Building the Future and Preserving the Past.


We offer the following services in Eastern PA and northern MD (within 120 miles or 2 hours of Manheim, PA):

  • Barn Restoration
  • Barn Renovations creating event spaces
  • Barn Repairs & Improvements
  • Stone Restoration

For more specific details about our services, see Project Stories on our website at


1805 Mountain Rd
Manheim, PA 17545
United States

Service radius: 120 miles of Manheim, PA.




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