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Sansin is the global leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection. Since 1986, we’ve been focused on creating the best performing, most beautiful water-borne wood finishes in the world.

Our innovative research and development program has made us the leader in developing environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional wood coatings and preservatives. With a growing network of dealers across Canada, the United States, Western Europe and Russia, Sansin Enviro Stains are fast becoming the world-wide choice for customers who demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for both residential and commercial buildings.

Every day at Sansin, our passion for what we do drives us to find ways to protect wood better.


Sansin Finishes: Eco-friendly & Durable

For more than 30 years, the Sansin Corporation has been exclusively dedicated to the development of enviro-friendly, water-borne wood finish technologies that make wood beautiful, durable and easy-to- maintain. Sansin’s wood coatings utilize a unique water-borne alkyd formula that combines the benefits of both oil- and water-based coatings but in a formula with much lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels.

Additionally, rather than using toxic dyes in the colorant system, Sansin utilizes nano technology to create pure pigments ground so fine that they deliver remarkably vibrant, uniform and long-lasting color. Because the finishes don’t form a film on top of the wood, the coatings won’t crack, chip or peel. Water-borne finishes also dry faster, allowing additional coats to be applied in one day rather than waiting a day or two between coats. When properly applied, the coatings offer superior UV protection and lasting durability that enables log home owners to extend the time between maintenance coats.

Sansin Products for Log Homes

Sansin recently launched an enhanced formula for its flagship Classic 1-2-3 wood protection system, which is specifically developed for logs and big timbers. Because of its penetrating nature, Classic 1-2-3 can dive deeper into the wood and help stabilize it while preventing cracking and checking as the logs dry out. The system creates a natural, low-luster finish in three formulas that will lighten, not go dark, over time:

Sansin SDF is the company’s most versatile exterior finish and, in addition to log home restoration projects, works well on decks, docks, siding and fences. SDF’s specially-formulated oils and resins penetrate into the wood, creating a monolithic bond for outstanding weather and UV protection that won’t crack, peel or blister. SDF can be used on horizontal and vertical wood surfaces and is available in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent and even solid colors. Because SDF is designed to be highly water-repellent, it’s a natural choice for log homes in moisture-rich environments.

When it comes to protecting wood during construction, Sansin Foundation, a nearly invisible penetrating base coat, is simply the best way to protect logs from damage during construction. Just give the wood a light cleaning, and then you can also use it as a base coat for Classic or SDF, creating those lighter, more natural tones but with built-in UV protection. Foundation penetrates into the wood, creating dimensional stability while reducing checks and wood movement. It is available in three tones that complement the wood species of fir, cedar and lightwood.

Sansin Timber-Tec offers an affordable option for in-yard protection. Timber-Tec is an industrial grade product that protects from UV degradation, blue stain and repels water (helping wood dry), and it also mitigates wood discoloration during the construction process. Timber-Tec can be applied to green or seasoned logs, improving dimensional stability and allowing wood to adjust gradually to moisture levels in the environment. It comes in in two formula options. M-30 provides the natural light color of fresh pine while C-20 is a clear concentrate that provides a light honey color to the wood after it dries.

In addition to the products above, Sansin offers a line of Purity Interior stains, gels and clears, as well as weathering treatments, Boracol for insects, end grain protection and chinking.

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