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At Timbercraft, we have designed, manufactured, and installed timber frame homes and commercial buildings for over 40 years. “Built for life” is more than just our motto, it’s the guiding principle behind everything we do. From the first steps in starting your project, to the first steps into your new timber frame home or business, we’re here to provide the highest level of expertise and support for you.

Timber framing is our heart, it’s the craft we’ve been honing since 1978. The process of timber framing starts with design. If you’re already working with an architect or design professional then we will only design your structural plans. If you don’t yet have a design partner then we will be glad to help you with that. Either way, we can be your timber frame partner, integrating into your project as needed.

Our Timbercraft team is a collaborative bunch, able to incorporate heavy timber into current projects or start projects that are still a dream. They work alongside architects, builders and owners with the goal of producing a beautiful timber frame that highlights volumes while becoming an element unique to your project. Have a complicated frame? Our Timbercraft team loves finding new approaches and working outside the box.

Traditional housed mortise and tenon joinery is our passion and we’re often enhancing the frame with custom finishes. The design and engineering process will result in a set of timber frame shop drawings, and it's these that our craftsmen will work from as they manufacture your custom timber frame.


Timbercraft is made up of designers, engineers and the industry’s finest craftsmen. Together, we design and build some of the most beautiful and efficient custom wood structures in the world using state-of-the-art technology. 


404 Industrial Dr
Tecumseh, MI 49286
United States

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