Timber framing in its pure form involves the use of heavy timbers shaped at their ends and connections to lock together with the help of wooden pegs drilled through all timbers. It is also called post and beam. In the millennia of building that led to timber framing, a wealth of techniques and innovations has grown up.

Timber framing has been practiced for centuries, and in North America we still build most of our houses and many of our larger buildings of wood.  A timber frame structure uses fewer, much larger members than light frame construction, shaped at their connections to lock together.

Modern timber frame work is generally exposed, and timbers can be as finely prepared as the skill and care of the craftsman allow. Today’s timber-framed house combines the best of the old techniques with the advantages of the new for structural integrity and energy efficiency.


Jack Sobon on hewing, during a Converting Trees to Timber course.

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