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Heartwood School: Timber Framing for Women & Gender Non-Conforming Folks

This course is offered as a comfortable space to learn the basics of timber framing for people who may not feel welcomed in the almost-uniformly male culture found in construction. It is specifically and only for women and gender non-conforming folks and will be taught by two women timber framers.

Students should expect to come out of this class with the knowledge and experience they need to take on a small timber framing project of their own. We will cover the square rule layout technique - a traditional American way of fitting timbers together with mortise and tenon joinery - and students will lay out and cut a small frame using the square rule approach. Instructors will guide them through safe hand tool practices, light power tool options, and finally, the raising of the frame. Throughout the course we will discuss relevant topics like ordering timbers and finishing techniques, and, as time allows, we will also cover tool sharpening and making your own pegs.

NOTE: This course begins early with a special 2 1/2-hour welcome lecture by the instructors. Join instructors Liz and Sarah at the Heartwood School at 2 p.m. on Sunday.


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