By Ellen Gibson

The second day of the NH Old House and Barn Expo. was as full and busy as the first. The TFG “booth”, consisting of a staging area for the shed building and 2 display tables, was a constant draw for the attendees and we were fielding questions, giving advice, passing on Guild info. and chatting with fellow enthusiasts all day.

There were still a few timbers to be cut, fit up and drilled during the day and the volunteer team had shrunk a bit. but Jim, Bob and Will made it all happen. The raffle process ended at 2:45 and the structure had already started going up. because of the pre fit process that Jim followed everything dropped into place perfectly. We could have used a few more hands in that process but people stepped up to help. The peak of the rafters missed the top of the ceiling by about 2” – what it took to drop the paired rafters in and pick them up for the take down. Arron Sturgis stepped in to help with the take down.

Having so much of the cutting done prior to the event allowed for more time to talk with attendees and demonstrate procedures. Jim gave mini-“classes” throughout.

The TFG booth sold about 325 tickets for the raffle - $5.00 for one and $20.00 for 5. Other booths sold tickets also so maybe 500-600 were sold. There were 2 other items raffled but the frame took the majority of votes. Against amazing odds the same woman who won 2 years ago won again. Her husband was boiling sap in the first shed they got when she called him with the news and he hooked up his trailer and came over – very easy delivery but very coincidence.

There was a lot of interest in the Guild. Two memberships were sold and I’m pretty certain 2 others will sign after  TFG Board Member, Michael Cuba sweet talked them. Having membership forms on hand was important. If we could somehow leverage the wisdom that we passed on to all the people with old barns who wanted them removed or fixed we’d have made a mint. Michael had his own consulting sessions going on. Six community leaders took “Community Building” fliers with specific projects in mind for their towns. Dozens of people asked for framers in their area and were directed to the web site and office phone number.

This was a good show and a great venue for promoting the TFG!

Published on Mar 23, 2016

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