POSTPONED: Timber Grading Training Course

The Timber Grading Training Course has been postponed due to planning and time constraints. However, through discussion with the course planners, it has been determined that the course will be offered next fall, likely in September or October. We regret having to postpone the event, but that gives you a chance to sign up early for the rescheduled course! We have not set the dates yet, but if you’d like us to put you on the list for the next wood grading course - or to notify you when the course is finalized - please contact the Guild at We do hope you will be able to join us for this tremendous course in 2017!

Here's a sampling of what will be covered:  

Day 1 will focus on an introduction to the science behind the grading rules and developing an understanding of how the interpretation of the grading rules can impact the performance of structural timber; will also examine issues associated with existing structures and with reclaimed/reused timber.

Day 2 will follow with learning about grading rules as they pertain to structural timber, and applying those rules to full size samples (note that grading rules are similar across the various grading agencies, so skills learned will apply beyond the species discussed).

Day 3 will continue with training using full size samples, and will culminate with a written and practical examination. Upon successful completion, participant will receive a certificate of course completion issued by the TFEC. 

Contact the Guild to reserve your spot for next year's timber grading training course - space will be limited! You can reach us at

Published on Oct 24, 2016

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