Re-envisioning Scantlings

Since the  Weekly Guild Notes are now meeting the need for real-time updates and member engagement, we have the opportunity to expand the scope of Scantlings to focus on "the work of the Guild and the work of its members." We can feature projects, discuss work details, and tell the stories we all know are out there.

So let's start with stories! We know you have a bunch of them and since none of us are getting younger, it’s time to get them on recordScantlings is the perfect venue.

We are looking for brief, first person stories 200-500 words in length, but if you have a good 50-word story, send it in, and if you have a story that requires more space, maybe we’ll talk about making it a feature article. You don’t have to be an experienced writer; spelling and grammar won’t count - we can fix that stuff. We’ll even withhold your name if you want, or you can use a nom de plume.

For each edition of Scantlings we’ll issue a brief, open-ended prompt. Your story can be about or related to timber framing, or what it’s like living the life of a timber framer, or anything timber framers could relate to.  

We are starting with Teachers. We’ve all been teachers and we’ve all been taught. Tell us about it! Send us your copy by June 1, 2016 for publication in August.  This is going to be fun!
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Published on Apr 7, 2016

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