Shear testing in Coeur d'Alene


The tension tester and the bending tester are on extended leave.

The shear tester, our newest offspring, debuted in 2013 at Burlington and was a smashing success. Most memorably, the rig launched the remnants of a tusk-tenon mortised beam out towards the audience. (No injuries were reported and we do not expect to repeat the feat.) This will be the first time the shear tester will be west of the Mississippi, so we are excited to see how it and the joinery samples fare.

This rig tests timber joints in shear, an area of interest of ours that is critically important to heavy timber joinery. Just how strong are those joints you use to connect joists, beams, and rafters to their mates? As ever, we would love to test your traditional, modern, or flakey connections. We invite you to challenge our rig with your best (or worst) ideas. See testing sample dimensions below.

The testers reserve the right to eschew testing any sample or stop any test in progress that we determine is unsafe for the rig, the testers or the audience (though not their reputations). If you have any questions regarding what we safely might test, please contact Mack at 401/441-5217.

Let us know if you are bringing a sample, so we’ll make sure to have time to test everything. If you cannot make the conference, please send along your sample with a colleague or competitor.



Published on Oct 21, 2015

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