Our Mission

The mission of the Timber Framers Guild is to advance timber framing through research, education, and industry.

We have a vision of enriching community through craft. 


Statement of Values

  • Community. We perceive ourselves as belonging to the TFG community, distinct from our geographic, business, or other social communities. We also encourage and support the widening of the community by increased membership and outreach to willing partners. 
  • Individuality. We recognize that individuals bring, in their own ways, the energy, knowledge, creativity, and intelligence to form a productive community service organization. Diversity of thought underlies the strength and value of any community.
  • Cooperation. We often don't agree fully with other members of our community, but we recognize that through cooperation we can achieve our purposes.
  • Transparency. With certain specifically justified exceptions (such as staff performance reviews), the Guild in its operations and its governance conducts its business in full view of its members. 
  • Ability to Listen. Perhaps the hardest value to acquire.
  • Compassion. A necessary emotion for limiting harsh judgments or words that interfere with building an inclusive environment or community.
  • Integrity. Adherence to generally agreed ethical principles, with a fundamental building block of honesty.
  • Candor. A value particularly important in the functioning of the board. Without candor, we will, at times, lack critical information necessary to making good decisions. This is true of our community as well. 
  • Trust. In any organization, including the Guild and its board, trust is necessary to its functioning. Members must trust the board to act on their behalf, and the board must trust the expressions of our members. Trust must be earned, but when it is, it must be freely given. In general, even if collective judgment ultimately rejects a view, the author of the view is not rejected. 
  • Accountability. Actions have consequences, and when the consequences are sub-optimal, those who misstepped must take accountability for their mistakes. This value builds the foundation for trust. 
  • Humor. A value which facilitates cooperation of a diverse group of members to work towards a common goal. 
  • Appreciation. A capacity to award volunteer and paid efforts encourages others to contribute. 

Adopted June 2017

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