Scantlings 237 (March/April 2024)Scantlings 237 (March/April 2024)
President's message: New year, new opportunities. From the executive director: Out of hibernation. The Guild in 2024: Updates from the board. Highlights from the Board's F2F. Diversity Committee update. On the road in 2024. Guild Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Building for communities in 2024. Reviving a tradition: Guild travel. Tradition and progress in preservation. Fill your summer with timber framing. Invest in a Heartwood student-built frame. TFEC member profile: Johnn Judd. Events. Notices. Visionary Partners.
6.48 MB. Published on Apr 29, 2024.

Scantlings 236 (December 2023)Scantlings 236 (December 2023)
President's message: Success by any measure. From the Interim Executive Director: Experiences of a great guild year. 2023 TFG Board of Directors election results. 2023 TFG Conference: the year of the first timer. Young engineers receive Guild support. Scholarship donations surge at Guild conference. Thanks to TFG conference sponsors and supporters. A message from TFEC Chair Brian Malone. The design competition returns. TFEC member profile: Ron Anthony. Heartwood School: Year in review. Request for qualifications: Guild designer register. Save the date: 2024 TTRAG open conference. Member stories: Reflections on cross-cultural timber framing. Wuthering Heights: A bilingual build in Denmark. Events. Notices. Visionary Partners.
6.99 MB. Published on Jan 14, 2024.

Scantlings 235 (October 2023)Scantlings 235 (October 2023)
From the Interim Executive Director: Thankful for the journey. From the Clerk of the Board: Timber Framers Guild leadership update. Welcome back, Scantlings. Misty mornings and magic in Pemberton: the St'at'imc Nations Community Build. Special Section: TFG Conference. TFG Garland Mill Rendezvous: Guild on Garland returns. TFG Northwest Rendezvous: Guild members have a summer blast. TFEC profile: Matthew McGinnis. Unique training: the Coppermine Trail Shelter. Member story: Australian wood shapes New South Wales timber framing workshop. Member story: making connections at the Maine Japanese Woodworking Festival. Events. Notices. Visionary Partners.
9.59 MB. Published on Oct 25, 2023.

Scantlings 234 (January/February 2023)Scantlings 234 (January/February 2023)
President's message: Dedicated to the craft. From the Executive Director: The Guild as a catalyst for change. Passages: Annemarie Mitchell. Member story: Timber framing with the Northmen Guild. 2023 Timber Framers Guild Conference. Call for proposals. Heartwood School: First course in new schoolhouse, and more. A personal journey: My first community timber frame. Oso Memorial Park Community Building Project: Registration now open. Visionary Partners. Regional Guild events: Celebrating craft and community in Sandpoint. Regional Guild events: Save the date to rendezvous. Events. Notices. 2023 Scantlings schedule.
4.94 MB. Published on Mar 5, 2023.

Scantlings 233 (November/December 2022)Scantlings 233 (November/December 2022)
President's message: A future right on target. From the Executive Director: Your support builds our future. Conference 2022 recap. After the conference: Open House. TFEC member spotlight: Dick Schmidt. Timber Grading Workshop. Looking back: The Gould Farm Barn. A project continues: Oso Slide Memorial. LaTrobe-Bateman Bridge available. Heartwood School: Reflecting on a successful season. Mark your calendars: 2023 Scantlings schedule. Events. Notices. Youth in Timber Framing.
8.08 MB. Published on Dec 7, 2022.

Scantlings 232 (September/October 2022)Scantlings 232 (September/October 2022)
President's message: The work ahead of us. From the Executive Director: Timber frame learning and education. Leland Garden Shed: A dream come true. English timber framing vocabulary. A gift to the Guild: Will Beemer. Editorial relationship: Ken Rower. Special Section: 2022 Guild National Conference. Member story: Why we do what we do. TFEC member spotlight: Zach Webb. Notes from the editor. Events. Notices.
7.89 MB. Published on Sep 26, 2022.

Scantlings 231 (June/July 2022)Scantlings 231 (June/July 2022)
President's message: Crafting and raising structures that last. From the Executive Director: Joining the timber frame community. Building community with the Somali Bantu. WestFest 2022: Bringing all the pieces together. WestFest 2022: Future framers unite at KidsBuild. TFG Conference: Previewing the pre-conference. 2022 Askins Award honors Will Beemer. Heartwood School: Heartwood interns make the grade. Heartwood School: Get your 2022 Heartwood frame! TFG Companies: TFG member Carolina Timberworks announces 95% net-zero carbon usage. Notes from the field: New Hampshire Preservation Alliance sponsors Old Buildings and Trades Fair. Guild events: Guild on the road. Events. Notices.
8.77 MB. Published on Jul 14, 2022.

Scantlings 230 (April 2022)Scantlings 230 (April 2022)
President's message: Next generation promises a bright future. Welcome to new Executive Director Eric Howard. From the Acting Executive Director: The year, the Guild, the conference to come. Heartwood School: Offering excellence in craft education. Profile of Neil Godden, Heartwood's new Executive Director. Heartwood School: Reserve your student-built frame. You're invited: The Guild returns to Burlington. Register Now: TFG WestFest. New TFEC publication now available: Design Guide for Timber Trusses. Welcome back, Sue Warden. Member Story: This Old Truss. Events. Opportunity: Seeking instructors for a 2023 timber framing intensive. Notices. TTRAG Members' Meeting 2021.
5.18 MB. Published on May 2, 2022.

Scantlings 229 (January 2022)Scantlings 229 (January 2022)
President's message. From the acting director. Board transitions. Heartwood School 2022. Independence Community Building Project. Leland Street Cooperative Garden Workshop. Member Story: Teaching through Covid. Events. Notices.
4 MB. Published on Jan 24, 2022.

Scantlings 228 (October 2021)Scantlings 228 (October 2021)
NOTE: WE RECOMMEND READING IN 2-PAGE VIEW. RETROSPECTIVE ISSUE. President’s message: Building a better future. From the Acting Executive Director. Community Building Workshops Program. A lifetime of achievement. Heartwood School. Apprenticeship Training Program. Our community: Member stories. TFGLive! Timber Frame Engineering Council. TFG Companies.
10.53 MB. Published on Oct 8, 2021.

Scantlings 227 (August 2020)Scantlings 227 (August 2020)
NOTE: WE RECOMMEND READING IN 2-PAGE VIEW. President’s message: Standing strong. Executive Director's message: Challenge and inspiration. Member story: Jim's barn. TFGLive! community events. TFGLive!: Heavy timber trusses. TFGLive!: Jack Sobon's talk. TFGLive!: Apprenticeship Training Program. Passages: Randy Joseph. TFEC: Timber and the Specialty Engineer. Visionary Partners. SepTimber: Tell your timber framing story. SepTimber: editorial guidelines. SepTimber: A conversation with Peter Miller. Thank you, TFG Companies. Building a community center for an ecovillage. Oso Memorial Portals. Heartwood: Timber framing intensive. Events. Notices.
5.53 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2020.

Scantlings 226 (April/May 2020)Scantlings 226 (April/May 2020)
NOTE: WE RECOMMEND READING IN 2-PAGE VIEW. President’s message: Staying strong and available. Executive Director's message: Adjusting to Covid-19. Visionary Partners. Member story: Bringing Guild spirit to the scouts. Update to 2020 Heartwood School schedule. Member story: Reflections on craft and building connections. Events. Notices. Covid-19: our response.
4.75 MB. Published on May 8, 2020.

Scantlings 225 (February 2020)Scantlings 225 (February 2020)
NOTE: we recommend reading in 2-page view. President’s message: It seems like only yesterday. Executive Director's message: An exciting year to come. Welcome new staff. TTRAG Conference: Late March with a Dutch flavor. Visionary Partners. Reflections: The Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage. Reflections on the language of indigenous peoples. Western Conference: Come one, come all. The Guild builds a future with Heartwood. Tool review: New generation of bubble scribers available. Events. Notices.
2.46 MB. Published on Feb 29, 2020.

Scantlings 224 (November 2019)Scantlings 224 (November 2019)
NOTE: we recommend reading in 2-page view. President’s message. Executive Director's message: What's up? Newsletters, the Journal, and Scantlings. Board of Directors election results. Member story: Return to Strafford. Member story: Full STEAM ahead. Community Building Workshop: Sunrise Mill. Visionary Partners. TFG on GMT: Garland Mill Rendezvous. A lasting legacy: Southworth Brothers Memorial Fund. Member story: Teaching at Willowbank. Expanding horizons at the timber grading course. Events. Notices.
5.26 MB. Published on Nov 18, 2019.

Scantlings 223 (September 2019)Scantlings 223 (September 2019)
NOTE: we recommend reading in 2-page view. President’s message: Good for the soul. Executive Director's message: Exceptionally engaged. TFG Conference Recap: Making connections; An excellent returning pre-conference workshop; Diverse offering inspires new member; Conference moments. TFG Governance: TFG board elections and candidate statements. Community Building Project: Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage Roundhouse. Visionary Partners. Member story: Guild connections help raise the barn at Whitney Farmstead. Raising the Whitney Farmstead milking parlor. Timber Grading Training Course. Timber Framing Rendezvous: Raising a pavilion in Walpole. Events. National Park Service releases Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Covered Bridges. Notices. Member perspective: Healthy buildings for a healthy community.
3.7 MB. Published on Sep 17, 2019.

Scantlings 222 (July 2019)Scantlings 222 (July 2019)
President’s message: A busy year. Executive Director's message: Embarking on a new journey. Community Building Workshop: Sunrise Mill. TFG Conference featured speaker: Sarah Susanka. TFG Conference featured speaker: Tedd Benson. TFG Pre-Conference. TFG Conference registration rates and information. Community Building Workshop: Reflections on Lake Roesiger. KidsBuild at Lake Roesiger. Visionary Partners. Why I build. Plan B planning: the design, part 2. Events. Notices. Looking to the future: Electing directors for 2020.
3.06 MB. Published on Jul 16, 2019.

Scantlings 221 (May/June 2019)Scantlings 221 (May/June 2019)
President’s message: Reflecting on Guild magic. TFG Conference featured speaker: Tom Bodett. TFG Conference registration rates and information, pre-conference events, slide show guidelines. Visionary Partners. Plan B planning: the design. Sunrise Mill spring workshop reflections. Timber grading course recap. Engineering for timber framing course recap. Events. Notices. Member story: the Mullens' school of community engagement.
4.97 MB. Published on Jun 13, 2019.

Scantlings 220 (April 2019)Scantlings 220 (April 2019)
President’s message: Retreat brings Guild board "face-to-face." TFG Conference: call for presentations. Building community through learning: winter workshop at Trillium Dell. Newly released: update to TFEC 1. Member story: Married to a timber framer. Community Building: Sunrise Mill rebuild. Visionary Partners. Passages: Tom Southworth. Passages: Anders Frostrup. Events. Notices. Community rendezvous in New Hampshire. Members supporting communities: grammar school thanks timber framers.
2.94 MB. Published on Apr 30, 2019.

Scantlings 219 (February 2019)Scantlings 219 (February 2019)
President’s message: Connecting through craft. Save the date: Lake Roesiger Pavilion in WA. International Log Builders Assn conference. Visionary Partners. Explore the TFEC Library. Spring workshops at Sunrise Mill. Building a Plan: Plan B planning. Events. Notices. Class: Engineering for timber framers. Member story: Inheriting the passion.
3.13 MB. Published on Feb 15, 2019.

Scantlings 218 (December 2018)Scantlings 218 (December 2018)
President's message: stepping into the role. Writing for Timber Framing. Will's Tips. Special Section: Conference Recap. Visionary Partners. Events. Notices. Member story: Tribune Bay firepit shelter.
4.59 MB. Published on Dec 7, 2018.

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