Scantlings 184 (Feb–Mar 2014)Scantlings 184 (Feb–Mar 2014)
New Guild project: Pemberton is building community. Letters: French student seeks engineering work; Ed Levin's library. Naconiche—the legacy, the instructors. 2014 apprentice—journeyworker training: new territory. Lexington city pool shade shelter: VMI–TFG spring project, 2014. Welcome, new members! EcoLogic: Convenient disconnect: the test of authenticity. Mortice and Tenon online by subscription. Update your advertising.
3.36 MB. Published on Feb 1, 2014.

Scantlings 183 (Jan 2014)Scantlings 183 (Jan 2014)
East Texas project takes form. Happy holidays, from our program director. Letters: In appreciation. Treasurer's report. TFG training for apprentices, journeyworkers, and the rest of us. Letter from the president. Double header: geometrical design intensive and rendezvous. TTRAG's November members' meeting report. Pemberton community barn: on deck. TFG Southeast regional meeting: another success.
3.17 MB. Published on Jan 1, 2014.

Scantlings 182 (Nov–Dec 2013)Scantlings 182 (Nov–Dec 2013)
Looking back at Vicksburg. Letters: What about Joel? Southeast regional meeting checklist. EcoLogic: Collaboration for a sustainable Guild. Quick Vicksburg facts. Notes from Reston: Volunteering is good for the Guild and good for you! Personnel changes. Apprentice Log: Commitment got us this far. A few unusual workshops: Gibson Timber Frames (l'art du trait), Gusakov Woodworks (Estonian log building), Trillium Dell (geometrical workshop). Frame 2013: September travelogue. Texas Guild project, again, in March 2014. Useful financial analysis.
3.47 MB. Published on Nov 1, 2013.

Scantlings 181 (Oct 2013)Scantlings 181 (Oct 2013)
This was the Burlington 2013 Conference. Letters: Hello from our new executive director; Thoughts on the conference; Garden farewell; Our timber framing organizations; Rebuilding. Vicksburg project completed. TFEC: new timber grading course. Welcome, summer joiners! Ed Levin, 1947–2013: In Memoriam. TFEC Symposium selections. Conference historic building tour. Thanks, auction donors! Northwest to Northeast: a tale of two regional meetings. EcoLogic: The new plastic? From the Business Council desk: A new outreach idea. Southeastern Regional Meeting soon.
3.02 MB. Published on Oct 1, 2013.

Scantlings 180 (Aug–Sep 2013)Scantlings 180 (Aug–Sep 2013)
It's conference time! Letters: Seasoning timber naturally, Sustainable forest products. New offerings, old favorites. Traditional Estonian log-building workshop. College material. Directors' strategic plan. Southeastern regional meeting. Apprentice Log: The ripple effect. EcoLogic: A convenient disconnect: When heritage matters.
3.09 MB. Published on Aug 1, 2013.

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