EcoNest School of Natural Building


You don’t have to leave nature behind when you walk through your front door . . 

In 1994, natural building pioneer Robert Laporte and architect Paula-Baker Laporte teamed up to create the EcoNest holistic home training program.  Since then two thousand students (workshop graduates) have learned how health and ecology begin at home. EcoNest workshops deliver the science, craft, and technology that go into creating an EcoNest home.

Timber framing and straw/clay wall construction are the central focus of the EcoNest training.  Additional workshops include roof construction, natural plasters, and building biology.

In response to requests from homeowners nationwide, we provide accomplished builders with the skills and support they need to become EcoNest Affiliates.

Our six-week apprenticeship is a skill builder for those with a keen vocational interest in ecological building. Four apprentices are chosen for each workshop cycle and are given the opportunity to work alongside professionals.


Robert Laporte


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