Jason Gibson School of Timber Framing

Square Rule Layout - Course

Using hands-on learning, this 6-day course will give you the basics of timber frame construction and square rule layout as we build and erect a 16 x 20 timber frame.  With a focus on safe tool use, understanding and laying out joinery, and cutting techniques, this course is packed full and a lot of fun.

June 5-10, 2023

August 7-12, 2023


Trusses and Purlins- Course

In this 6-day timber frame course, the students will build a 16 x 20 timber frame truss building, using fully milled timbers. With a focus on layout, cutting, and fitting trusses we will build a hammer beam and two king post timber trusses. There are traditional English tying joints between the tie beam and plates.  This is a course for people who have carpentry skills and are looking to advance their skills in timber framing.

August 14-19, 2023

Visit https://timberschoolcanada.com/ or contact Jason at jgibsongtf@gmail.com.

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