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At Algonquin College’s Perth Campus in beautiful Perth, Ontario, the Heritage Institute is home to traditional craft in carpentry, joinery, masonry, blacksmithing, and, of course, timber framing. In the Heritage Carpentry and Joinery diploma program students study the time-honoured principles and techniques used to construct traditional timber frame and log buildings. Students learn to work safely using traditional tools, materials, and layout techniques. Students combine
theoretical and practical skills and participate in building a new timber frame and log structure using traditional joinery methods and materials.
The Heritage Institute is located at Algonquin College-Perth Campus, Perth, Ontario. Our programs are designed and delivered by experts in their craft. We emphasize your role as a producer rather than an installer of building products. We develop your mindset to honour sustainability in all respects (social, cultural, environmental, and economic). We develop your skillset to set you apart in the challenging field of custom and heritage conservation, preservation, and restoration. Authenticity and craft is our calling card.

At Algonquin College-Perth Campus, the Heritage Institute is now in its 28th year of operation. The Heritage Institute is well known and respected for its Carpentry and Joinery – Heritage Diploma program and its Masonry – Heritage and Traditional Diploma program. Now we are embarking on an expanded suite of offerings tied to heritage construction and heritage arts.

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